Honor Club Tapping Ceremony: Official Video

Watch Honor Club members share about the NC 4-H Honor Club experience in this video played during the Tapping Ceremony at 4-H Congress.

Candlelight Clover Marking

Ever wonder what it looks like to see the Candlelight Clover get marked on the floor of Dorton Arena for 4-H Congress? Watch it happen!

Honor Club Conference 2019: Promo Video

Wondering what happens at the annual Honor Club Conference? Check out this promo video for Honor Club Conference 2019!

Honor Club “How To” Video

Need a little guidance on how to fill out the Honor Club application? This detailed video walks through the application step by step and shares helpful information to guide your application process.

Honor Club Tapping Video 2018

What does service mean to you? We asked North Carolina 4-H Honor Club members at the annual Honor Club Conference, and they shared how service ties into the motto of Honor Club. This video was created to share their perspectives and encourage 4-H’ers to apply for membership by showing them a sneak peek of what it looks like to be an active Honor Club member and 4-H alum. It was shown during the Tapping Ceremony at NC 4-H Congress 2018. Check it out!

An Honor Club Tour of Millstone 4-H Camp

Mr. Emanual May was tapped into Honor Club from Alamance County in 1967, and he has been involved in multiple community service projects throughout the years at the various 4-H camps. In this video, he shares some memories of his involvement, as well as a history of the projects that Honor Club has helped with at Millstone 4-H Camp in Ellerbe, North Carolina.

Honor Club Tapping Video 2017

This video was played at the 2017 Tapping Ceremony at 4-H Congress to share information with potential members about what Honor Club is and why they should consider applying for membership. Members shared what being a part of Honor Club means to them, and State 4-H Program Leader Dr. Mike Yoder gave remarks that encourage youth to become a part of something greater by applying to be a member in this statewide service organization.

Honor Club Tapping Video 2016

This video was played during the Tapping Ceremony at 4-H Congress 2016 to give potential members a glimpse into what it means to be a part of Honor Club.