Active 4-H volunteer Selma Barker receives one of the awards sponsored by Honor Club at the 2017 Volunteer Leaders Conference.

Volunteers are the key to our successful 4-H program in North Carolina, and we encourage Honor Club members to become active volunteers after they age out of 4-H. One of the ways that volunteers can become involved on the state level is by attending the annual Volunteer Leaders Conference, which is held the first week in February at the McKimmon Center in Raleigh. This conference features speakers, workshops, fundraisers, and a banquet to recognize the volunteers that continue each year to make the best better. Honor Club has the privilege of presenting awards to several outstanding volunteers at Conference, including the District 4-H Adult Volunteer Recognition Awards and induction into the Achievement Hall of 4-H Leadership. You can play an active role in recognizing our outstanding volunteers by nominating volunteers who you have seen make an impact in their service to 4-H. Award nominations are due to the State 4-H Office in December.

Honor Club members wishing to become more active volunteers are welcome to attend the Conference! For members who are current 4-H volunteers, you can submit a workshop proposal if you would like to lead something that would benefit the adult volunteers in our state. Whether it’s sharing an activity you did in your county 4-H program, helping volunteers learn more about a specific 4-H program, leading a service project, or something else, we love when members get involved and help share their knowledge with other volunteers! Workshop proposals are due to the State 4-H Office in October.

We hope you’ll plan to attend the next Volunteer Leaders Conference!

For more information on registration, cost, workshop proposals, award nominations, and how to become a volunteer: Visit